The Champagne Club

A private membership club designed to provide connection, play and extraordinary experiences that enhance your life.

Join The Champagne Club and have access to Legendary Properties, Legendary Experiences & Legendary Events!

We created The Champagne Club for very busy people.  Our custom designed, curated vacations are magical down to the very last detail.  Let us help you reconnect with your friends and family members with one of a kind, memorable events.  Fun, food and frolic are yours with one phone call to your personal concierge who does it all!


The Champagne Club includes the following:

  • Your Personal Travel Concierge: Our experienced team will take all the stress out of planning and implementing your short or longer vacation --- 3 months in Europe, a month studying art in Florence, 2 weeks on the coast, or a quick dinner in Paris.
  • The Fairydust Collection: This private menu has been curated with celebrity in mind.  If you have the money and the time to go anywhere with the people you love and to do the things you've always dreamed of what would that be?  We are providing you with everything you need to recharge, reconnect and learn something new.
  • Legendary Properties: Pieces of history made accessible just for you.
  • Legendary Experiences: Private invitations for our members only to world-class signature events such as our Family Legacy Retreat
  • A Private Community: Expand your circle with other like-minded people who believe connection is the key to a life that you love.

This and That

Because Suzie says "It's never This OR That, it is always This AND That."

Pick the things that make you happy...the mountains at Christmas, soaking up the sun and the waves at the beach, a picnic in the park, biking along the ocean, a dip in the pool, boating at sunset, or cocoa after playing in the snow. 

You choose and we make it happen!

"You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.

The Champagne Club is just for you...I've been there...the too busy, too scheduled, too isolated modern woman.  I want you to take a moment, take a breath and dream a little. 

With love, and heart to heart,

Suzie J Lazarus
Founder & CEO
Fairydust Productions, Inc.