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We are a curated lifestyle company dedicated to enhancing your life and relationships through fun, food, frolic & travel.

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The Fairydust Story...
"Connecting People Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul"

Fairydust is a lifestyle company founded to provide connection. 

The purpose is to spend time together in beautiful, immersive, fun-filled moments that are cherished generation to generation.  Bespoke, luxury, curated experiences and events rebuild family bonds and create memories and traditions through food, fun and frolic.


We are a private club providing a curated menu of extraordinary opportunities and possibilities customized by you and for you with the help of your personal concierge. We provide you with everything you need to reengage with those you love.  Immersion promotes becoming part of new friendships, neighborhoods and communities. 


We reignite laughter, fun and connection with extraordinary bespoke curated experiences.  We make it easy to plan and enjoy your one of a kind life-changing adventure. 

Come play with us!

"Heart to heart and soul to soul"

Susan Jo Lazarus
Founder & CEO

Meet Suzie
Your Fairy Godmother

There comes a time in life when it is time to reflect.  Recently, I opened a couple of photo albums that encapsulate my life in 7,500 photos.  So much delicious life has been lived so far and I am just realizing how glorious my journey has been; as a baby, child, granddaughter, teenager, college girl, first time bride, daughter-in-law,  mother, visionary creative pioneer, business woman, art enthusiast, lover of animals, children and nature, constant never ending learner with a wealth of experience and training.  I am living life to the fullest with a thirst for understanding and an endless well of curiosity.  I am a teacher, leader and wise woman of the tribe, cheerleader, second time bride, enthusiastic world traveler, celebrator of life, beauty, faith and a tenacious stand for love and fun. This has been my journey.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and they would be right. There is a line from the movie Auntie Mame "Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death.”  After scrolling through these snapshots of my delicious life today, all I can say is that “I am truly full and that is my wish for you."

Love From Our Clients...

Suzie is a singularly unique, brilliant, professional whose broad experience helps her clients live the lives they dream about!  Blessed with an exquisite sense of style and taste, she has helped clients with everything from redesigning their homes and their wardrobes to finding unique and rare objects they seek.  When I opened my new offices in Seattle, she was instrumental in helping to frame fine art, arrange the paintings, drawings and even my professional certifications and diplomas in a way that still impresses and amazes my clients and other visitors to the office.  She also possesses that rare quality of knowing which travel, culinary, and cultural experiences will inspire and amaze her clients!  I’m so privileged to have Suzie in my life!

Jim Harvey

Jim Harvey, CIMA®, CPWA®
President, Opus 111 Group

Love It or Leave It! 


I carry this mantra from Suzie in all aspects of my life.  Throughout the 25+ years I have known her she has been my go to person for assistance in upgrading so many aspects of my life.  She excels like no other at beautifying a space or environment.  I have such gratitude for Suzie and all of her years of loyal friendship and exquisite support. 

Diana Sheridan

The Treftz Corporation

Suzie is an awesome creative and visionary who has worked and studied under some of the best minds in the country. She is a super skilled organizer and does amazing one of a kind events.

Lynn Doupsas

Mindset Reboot

And a little bit more...

Many people battle on a daily basis the current climate of news fatigue, manufactured moments, and shallow affinity ‘likes’.  The challenge is not falling victim to device overload, ingenuine participation, and the faux guru affirmations.  There is a shortage of refuges that include “fun, food & frolic” Fairydust has solved this for me (and many others).

There is no feeling like being around artists, activists, agents of change and all-around spirits of good.  Once being told “how you do anything is how you do everything”, there was no question of whether or not FDP was going to have me included.  Changing perspectives, creating questions, and building community is just the beginning.  Relationship development is achieved by inviting vulnerability and promoting inclusion.  Smiles, laughs, tears, and hugs make this organization a gem and hallmark of not only La Jolla and metro-San Diego but of the world as can be seen in the international travel.  “Suz” and her team know what they are doing.  Their obvious wealth of training, from the likes of Dyer and Zuckerberg, motivate the masses without expectation or hidden agendas.

While the manufactured moments live on in social media and the news remains exhaustive, FDP re-charges and reminds me of what is truly important in the world.  It arms me for my everyday battles while empowering me to be a recruiter for the spiritually (good) infantry.

JC Polk
Producer, KPBS

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